NovaVGA - Arduino graphics shield

$24 USD

NovaVGA is available from :
The MicroNova Store

NovaVGA is a low-cost shield board for the Arduino that provides an easy-to-use VGA graphics output. The adapter is controlled via a simple SPI interface from the Arduino (or any SPI-compatible microcontroller.)

NovaVGA keeps a 160x120 frame buffer in SRAM and outputs it to a monitor at an industry standard 640x480 @ 60Hz VGA signal. Meanwhile, the microcontroller is free to write to the SRAM frame buffer at any time via the SPI interface. An Arduino library is provided with several examples.

  • Video output is 160x120 pixels @ 6-bit color
    (2^6 = 64 possible colors)
  • 640x480 @ 60Hz physical resolution
    (25.175MHz pixel clock)
  • Controlled via standard SPI mode 1 interface
    (consumes only three Arduino pins)
  • Arduino library with examples: color palette, Mandelbrot, Tetris and text console
  • Powered by a Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD.
    (User programmable via JTAG interface).

NOTE: NovaVGA does not include header pins.

NovaVGA in Action