About Us at MicroNova

We are an embedded electronics company based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. We develop products and innovative tools with you, the user, in mind; whether you be a professional engineer in need of a low-cost, compact, and high performance FPGA for fast prototyping or product integration, a student working with embedded systems for use in classroom projects or research, or even a hobbyist looking for a powerful, diverse, and ubiquitous FPGA device - we are here for you!

Jason Gorski and Mark Bowers initially saw a need for a new product when all available products were either too specific towards an application, too expensive, too large, not powerful enough, or a combination of the four factors. They set out to create a product that would have the power, cost effectiveness, implementation flexibility, and compactness that could satisfy the needs of professional developers, students, and hobbyists alike. Out of that desire, Jason and Mark created the Mercury board. You can learn more about the original Mercury by clicking here.

We at MicroNova are first and foremost embedded systems developers with a passion for powerful and efficient hardware. We are committed to offering high quality products that are powerful, low in cost, and spatially efficient.

Meet our Team!


Jason Gorski


Ph.D. - Systems Engineering
Oakland University - Rochester, MI


Mark Bowers


M.S. - Embedded Systems
Oakland University - Rochester, MI


Ephraim Nielson

Embedded Systems Engineer

B.S. - Computer Engineering
Utah Valley University - Orem, UT


Michael Lohrer

Software Engineer

Ph.D. student - Computer Engineering
Oakland University - Rochester, MI


Our flagship product, Mercury 2, is the "Swiss Army knife" of FPGA development boards. It combines a Xilinx Artix-7A FPGA and all the necessary support circuitry, with 5 volt tolerant I/O pins and an eight-channel ADC, all in a breadboard-friendly 64-pin DIP package.