Mercury FPGA Development Board


Mercury FPGA Development Board

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Spartan-3A development board packed onto a 3-inch by 1-inch breadboard-friendly DIP package. 5V tolerant I/O and 8-channel ADC. USB and JTAG programmable. Optional on-board 4Mbit SRAM. Requires mini USB cable. (Not included)

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Mercury Block Diagram (click for larger view)

Technical Specifications

  • Xilinx Spartan-3A FPGA with 200K or 50K logic gates.
  • 50MHz precision crystal oscillator
  • 1A 1.2V and 3.3V voltage regulators
  • USB and JTAG programmable
  • 8 Mbit SPI Flash (up to 1.2Mb reserved for FPGA bitstream)
  • Optional 4 Mbit external SRAM (512k x 8bit, 10ns access time)
  • 8 channel 10-bit 200ksps ADC
  • 30 GPIO pins with 5V tolerance and short-circuit protection
  • 9 high-speed GPIO pins, 4 input-only pins
  • 4 LEDs with GPIO pins, 1 user switch, 1 reset switch
  • Friendly breadboard-compatible DIP 64 form-factor

Convenient DIP Package

Mercury has 64 round machine header pins in a familiar dual in-line package (DIP) format. No proprietary expansion connectors - just drop it right into a breadboard!

Mercury is perfect for rapid prototyping, and the super tiny form-factor makes it easy to embed into a small project. We've taken care of the voltage regulators, bypass capacitors and USB configuration circuitry, freeing you to focus on your actual design!

Flexible I/O

Most FPGA development boards are limited to 3.3V digital-only I/O, but we built Mercury with more flexibility in mind: We've included an onboard 8-channel SPI ADC (10 bit, 200 Ksps), great for interfacing with sensors or for audio input. It also has 30 pins of 5V-tolerant digital I/O, so you can safely interface TTL-level devices with the 3.3V Spartan-3A FPGA.